Road Emissions Expert

Innovative Dust Monitoring Technology

Dust Monitoring Technology: REX Dust ‘Hot Spots’:

Innovative dust monitoring technology measuring air particulate emissions, are generating improvements for Rainstorm clients’ site dust control planning. Our clients are able to utilise weather & atmospheric modelling to plan on site dust control programs in response to data. For example:

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Port Hedland Monitoring System

Optimised Dust Control Planning

Data to Optimise Dust Control Planning –
The Port Hedland Industries Council Air Quality Real-Time monitoring:

Site Monitoring | Weather Forecasting:
Site Monitoring enables accurate prediction of dust events allowing for real-time and future dust risk reporting, which allows dust control programs to be implemented in advance of a weather event. Site Monitoring contributes to improved environmental and safety performance and provides a direct cost saving by designing dust control applications accordingly (timing and volume of product applied tailored to suit conditions).

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