Hydroseeding is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for rehabilitation and erosion management in the mining, civil, and government sectors. This proven method involves spraying a nutrient-rich blanket of seed, wood fibre, and paper mulch onto unstable land areas and stockpiles. The immediate result is a stabilised surface protected from wind erosion, with the longer-term outcome being the establishment of natural grass or native vegetation in previously disturbed or cleared areas.  Traditionally, hydroseeding in Australia has been widely adopted for its effectiveness in meeting environmental regulations related to dust management and revegetation while stabilising unstable ground and stockpiles. Recent technological advancements have introduced new hydroseeding solutions with longer-term benefits, featuring flexible soil coverings and advanced water retention properties. These innovations cater to the diverse conditions and requirements of construction, mining, and government project sites. With over 30 years of field experience, Rainstorm has developed a comprehensive range of rehabilitation and revegetation solutions, specifically tailored to preserve crucial ecological areas in Australia. Explore the transformative benefits of hydroseeding for your project's rehabilitation and erosion control needs. Contact us today to discuss tailored solutions that can enhance your sustainability and help preserve Australian landscapes. 

Hydromulching open areas Hydroseeding Australia

Erosion Management

When compared to traditional erosion management methods, such as silt fencing, hydroseeding in Australia stands as a more cost-effective solution. It offers superior and longer-term erosion control benefits for construction sites, slopes and other disturbed areas. The seed mixture, strategically applied, creates a protective layer on the surface, acting as a soil stabiliser for emerging seeds and preventing erosion. Contact us to discuss how our tailored solutions can enhance your project's sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Soil Conditioning Solutions

Enhanced Germination for Traditional Hydroseeding

Germination rates of traditional hydroseeding methods can be enhanced by incorporating a soil conditioner. The wood fibre and paper mulch in traditional hydroseeding gradually break down, creating a nutrient-rich layer that supports germination and growth but this can be enhanced with the application of a soil conditioner best suited to specific site conditions. At Rainstorm, we offer the following soil conditioners:

  • Agzyme: an in-house pro-biotic soil stimulator that encourages the natural growth of mycorrhizal fungi. Its principal advantage is the establishment of a natural balance for healthy soils to limit and suppress crop disease.
  • CO2 Smash: a soil conditioner specifically designed to help all plants grow despite atmospheric and soil pollution such as heavy metals and high levels of salinity


Topsoil Alternative

ProGanics™ is a hydroseeding product designed as a topsoil alternative, perfect for revitalising depleted soils with low organic matter, limited nutrients, and minimal biological activity. It efficiently revegetates cleared areas where natural topsoil is absent.  Unlike traditional methods, ProGanics™ is a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for transporting and spreading topsoil. Its components are naturally derived, renewable, and optimised for moisture retention and vegetation growth. When combined with Flexterra®, ProGanics™ forms a powerful shield against erosion. To learn more about how ProGranics™ can work for your project, contact our team of expert technicians today.


Advanced Erosion Control

Flexterra® is the ultimate solution for erosion control and revegetation, delivering high germination and growth establishment while providing superior erosion control. It acts as a powerful defence against significant rain events, eliminating the need for costly do-overs, even on steep banks. This fully biodegradable and high-performance Growth Medium is made from environmentally safe materials and water absorbents. Flexterra® doesn't require a curing period and forms a close bond with the soil upon application, creating a continuous, porous, absorbent, and flexible erosion-resistant blanket. This allows for rapid germination and accelerated plant growth. Its stand-out benefits are:

  • Ability to hold soil firm on mild to severely sloping banks
  • Water holding capacity of +1700%
  • Functional longevity of up to 18 months subject to conditions

Flexterra Roadside Stabilisation

Flexterra Soil Stabilisation


Award-Winning Site Rehabilitation 

Gluon™, a versatile water-bound polymer emulsion, excels in high-performance veneering for seed rehabilitation and planting. Rainstorm's Gluon™ received the Earth Award for Exceptional Product Performance from the Civil Construction Federation of Australia for a Pilbara project. Applied via aerial application, Gluon™ forms a water-permeable membrane that reseals after rain, making it ideal for site rehabilitation and revegetation in Australia. Its moisture seal aids seed germination in the challenging desert conditions of Australia. We offer specialised application services, accommodating site-specific procedures and equipment as needed. Curious about how Rainstorm's hydroseeding solutions can benefit you? Contact our team of technicians to explore how our array of soil conditions can contribute to the success of your project today.

Facilitate Rehabilitation With Rainstorm’s Hydroseeding Solutions

Hydroseeding is a sustainable solution for site rehabilitation, and erosion management in the mining, civil, and government sectors. This technique is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and provides comprehensive solutions to effectively protect against soil erosion and effortlessly comply with environmental regulations. Explore the transformative benefits of hydroseeding with Rainstorm. Contact us today to discuss tailored solutions for your rehabilitation and erosion control requirements.

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