Known commonly as ‘crop-dusting’, aerial application for dust suppression simply involves spraying products like our Gluon and hydromulch solutions, onto the ground from a suitable aircraft. This method of application enables the swift spread of effective dust suppression, revegetation or ground erosion solutions over very large or hard-to-reach open areas, with precision and ease.

Partnering with Rainstorm means choosing a highly experienced team with a proven approach to dust control and environmental sustainability. We have always been focused on results in the field and we remain committed to matching our product technology with the best application practices. Opt for Rainstorm's aerial dust management services to experience a refined level of dust control and rehabilitation that works effortlessly alongside your current operations. 

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The Benefits of Aerial Application for Dust Suppression

Aerial application of dust suppression products offers several key advantages to the Australian mining,  civil, land development and environmental protection sectors. Some of the key benefits include:

Protection of Surrounding Ecosystems

When needing to apply dust suppression, erosion control or revegetation products to a site bordered by valuable natural ecosystems, aerial application mitigates the need to cause disturbance to surrounding areas because access routes for ground equipment are not required. The product can be applied safely and the surrounding landscape is left unaffected.

Overcoming Unnavigable Terrain

Terrain that is rough or unnavigable by road vehicles is a non-issue for dust and erosion control solutions applied from the air. Sites that are usually difficult to reach pose no challenge to aerial application methods. The size and geography of the treatment area itself will determine which method of aerial application is most suited to ensure thorough and precise application.  

Operational Efficiency

Fast and efficient, utilising aerial applications for dust suppression and environmental rehabilitation keeps operations running smoothly, eliminating on-site vehicle congestion and minimising operational downtime. 

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helicopter veneering

Helicopter Veneering

Helicopter veneering is an innovative aerial dust mitigation technique used at Rainstorm. Its unmatched ability to prevent erosion and strengthen soil in large areas is crucial for civil and government projects.

This type of application can reach remote and difficult places, helping with environmental management in Australia. This cost-effective technique offers precision and efficiency, resulting in less product waste and a better impact on the environment, a key for long-term sustainability.

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Achieve Sustainability With Rainstorm's Aerial Application Services

Our main goal at Rainstorm is to promote sustainability throughout the mining, industrial, civil and governmental sectors within Australia. We offer dust and environmental products that are effective and long-lasting, aiming to satisfy our clients' needs. With over 30 years of experience dealing with dust, we are committed to creating a stable future.

For us, water used for dust control is water lost. With our range of aerial dust mitigation products, our team of technicians will work with you to create area-specific solutions to lower your carbon footprint and achieve a sustainable future. 

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Water on Dust Control is Water Lost. Tell us your dust problem and we'll tailor a sustainable solution.