Hydromulching is the precise application of a blend of water, mulch, fertilisers, and tackifiers, offering a practical and sustainable approach to stabilising disturbed landscapes. Hydromulching is cost-effective and reliable for site rehabilitation and erosion control and is widely used by mining companies, civil engineering firms, and government agencies. 

Drawing on over 30 years of expertise in crafting sustainable, long-term solutions, Rainstorm provides a range of hydromulching options tailored for Australian mining and civil projects. Our solutions can be easily customised for site-specific needs to serve as a reliable, robust method for sand and soil stabilisation.

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Erosion Control Solutions

Primarily serving as a soil stabiliser, hydromulching solutions in Australia excel in fostering revegetation in challenging areas and conditions. The mulch-fertiliser blend forms a bonded fibre matrix that interlocks, preventing soil washout and dehydration during the heat of Australian summers. This method facilitates growth beneath the surface by shielding the soil from rain and wind erosion, allowing the soil to naturally stabilise over time.

Hydromulch additionally supports vegetation growth, providing an added layer of defence against erosion. The material absorbs raindrop impact and slows down water flow, ultimately reducing the water needed in the area.

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Hydromulching for Rehabilitation

Hydromulch in Australia plays a pivotal role in rehabilitation efforts, particularly in areas that have been degraded or environmentally compromised, such as mine sites or government or civil projects. 

As a medium for seed germination and plant establishment, hydromulch establishes favourable conditions for seeds to sprout and seedlings to thrive. This is especially crucial in challenging areas, where the mixture creates a microenvironment that improves conditions that might otherwise be unfavourable. 

At Rainstorm, we specialise in crafting customised hydromulching solutions tailored to the specific soil conditions and needs of your site. Our Australian-based team formulates blends using biodegradable elements, creating a nutrient-rich, long-term erosion prevention method that aligns seamlessly with your site-specific needs. 

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Different Types of Hydromulch Solutions

Rainstorm offers a range of hydromulch solutions, supported by our in-house designed specialised application rigs and a fleet of on-road and off-road trucks. This enables us to deliver cost-effective applications for extensive areas. 

The first crucial step involves selecting the appropriate hydromulch base to meet your project needs.

We provide two distinct options to choose from:

  • A paper-based mix tailored for fast-germinating seeds in nutrient-rich soil
  • A Gluon-based mix specially formulated for arid conditions in Australian deserts. The water-permeable membrane allows for hydration but reseals after rain, effectively securing the seeds in place

Stabilise Erosion With Rainstorm’s Hydromulching Solutions

Rainstorm is a leading provider of hydromulch solutions and erosion prevention products in Australia. Our hydromulching methods are designed to defend against wind and rain erosion as well as to support vegetation growth in challenging environments. 

Paired with our proven range of revegetation solutions, Rainstorm is your first choice when restoring disrupted land to its original condition across Australia.

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