Soil Stabilisation for Fun and Recreation

Three Chillies Design - John Dunn BMX Challenge Park

Image care of Three Chillies Design – Soil Stabilisation at John Dunn BMX Challenge Park

Soil Stabilisation Across Sectors

On a mine site, Rainstorm is all about mitigating dust to improve health and safety, save water, reduce machine maintenance, optimise materials handling, reduce material loss and minimise operational downtime.

But our products are used on some very cool civil projects too, and when it comes to surface stabilisation at a world class BMX park created by our good friends at Three Chillies Design, the ultimate goal is a lot more about fun!

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Effective Dust Suppression System for Frozen Ground

Treatment area at Qingdao Wuchuan McDermott site

Rainstorm on Site: McDermott Marine Engineering Co, Qingdao Wuchuan, China

Specific Site Challenges:

– Frozen dry ground producing fine fugitive dust
– Damage to the yard surface caused by movement of heavy, tracked vehicles

In December 2023, Rainstorm answered the call to tailor a dust suppression system for McDermott Marine Engineering Co at its Qingdao Wuchuan gas module construction facility in China.

Summers in the region are hot and wet, while winters are typically dry with often sub-zero temperatures and consequently, frozen ground. While you might typically think of dust being generated in hot dry conditions, freezing dry conditions can present the same degree of fugitive dust and pose the same kinds of health and safety risks.

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