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Soil erosion can cause devastating effects on our ecosystems - causing damaged landscapes, slope instability, degradation of water quality and the destruction of wildlife habitats. Successful rehabilitation and erosion control measures are crucial for the long-term sustainability of our environment, as they work to counteract the adverse effects of prolonged sediment movement.

With over 30 years of field experience, our proven rehabilitation and erosion control treatment options offer sustainable and effective solutions to combat soil erosion as well as rehabilitation of cleared areas through revegetation. Our revegetation solutions are tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring that the long-term sustainability of our environment is maintained. Rainstorm's innovative erosion control solutions work to restore damaged landscapes while minimising slope instability and the threat of contamination to nearby waterways and the surrounding wildlife habitats.


Hydroseeding is a proven and sustainable solution for erosion control,Hydroseeding & Hydromulchingsoil stabilisation, and establishing vegetation. It is a vital tool in the process of rehabilitating and beautifying land disrupted by developmental and mining operations, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our environment.

The process of hydroseeding typically involves a slurry of water, seed, and mulch that is sprayed onto the soil surface, creating a protective layer that promotes seed germination and plant growth. This solution provides an even distribution of seed, allowing for faster and more unified seed germination, which is a successful rehabilitation and erosion control measure.

With a variety of advanced hydroseeding technologies delivering added benefits such as water retention, flexible surface coverings and nutrient enhancement, Rainstorm has the right solution to suit any hydroseeding

Our solutions are also effective in preventing sediment movement and
reducing soil loss, making them an ideal solution for open areas and
roadsides. With our wide range of innovative dust control solutions,
including sediment barriers and soil binders, we can help protect exposed
soil surfaces and enhance vegetation cover, promoting the soil's ability to
act as a soil builder and retain organic matter.

Choose Rainstorm for innovative and sustainable hydroseeding solutions
that promote environmental sustainability, while providing efficient and
effective revegetation.



Hydromulching is a sustainable and effective method of erosion control and soil stabilisation that can add instant visual enhancement through the use of non-toxic dye. Hydromulching involves a slurry of water and recycled paper-based mulch sprayed onto the ground, which creates a protective soil cover lasting between 6 and 12 months depending upon environmental and weather conditions.

Principally applied to large, sandy tracks of land such as those opened up by property and land developers, government departments, civil contractors and mining companies, Hydromulch is used to suppress windblown dust, prevent erosion, improve appearances, and as a revegetation solution to untreated areas.

At Rainstorm, we specialise in providing tailored hydromulching solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our revegetation solutions are cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable, promoting
long-term environmental sustainability. With over 30 years of experience
in our industry, we have established ourselves as a leader in
hydromulching solutions in Australia.

Choose Rainstorm for innovative and sustainable hydromulching solutions
that promote environmental sustainability while establishing a healthy and
vibrant landscape.

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