Beneficial ore treatment has been proven to have a significant impact on the overall yield and profitability of mining operations, particularly in handling bulk materials such as coal and iron ore.

Rainstorm has dedicated substantial research and development resources to developing and optimising ore treatments that benefit operators in two primary ways:

  • Effectively reducing the loss of dry ore during transport and handling, significantly impacting yield and the bottom line
  • Vastly improving efficiency when handling, transporting and processing problematic wet/sticky ores. 

Users of Rainstorm’s highly effective ore treatment systems can significantly reduce material losses and, at the same time, improve their environmental impact on site and along transport lines.  

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PDX™ Ore Treatment Solutions

High-Performance Conditioning

PDX™ is an effective ore conditioner, created after 30 years of development in soil modification. Combining proven surfactant wetting agent formulas with biological-based active ingredients, this ore treatment solution is a concentrated, non-invasive compound designed for blending with iron ore and coal ore types. Its purpose is to control dust and enhance processing capacity in ore processing and transport services.

By incorporating PDX™ into the early stages of ore processing, a uniform moisture content is maintained throughout the mining process. This results in optimised water usage and minimal product loss during ore handling and transport.

PDX™ Performance Characteristics

  • Improved ore process efficiency and improved export capacity
  • Reduced Dust Extinction Moisture (DEM), resulting in improved throughput and high volumes of ore processed
  • Reduced dust generation in dry ores
  • Reduced blockages in processing for wet and sticky ores
  • Biodegradable, does not alter ore properties

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The graph below shows a reduction in Dust Extinction Moisture (DEM) with the addition of PDX.

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