In the mining industry, efficient materials handling is crucial when transporting and managing raw materials.

One of the challenges faced in mining is dust control, which has environmental and economic implications. Experience has shown us that traditional methods like water application cannot adequately manage this degree of dust production and material loss.

Rainstorm offers expertise and specialised application equipment tailored to treat material both whilst in long-haul transport and while being moved around the site. We provide practical solutions for handling large volumes of iron ore, coal, minerals, and aggregates from various mining operations in Australia, with a focus on minimising ore loss and environmental impact.

With over three decades of experience, Rainstorm has established a
reputation as a reliable industry partner for mining operators due to our
extensive experience with materials handling. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Minimise material loss
  • Combat and reduce dust generation
  • Optimise the amount of material coming off conveyors
  • Streamline mineral processing
  • Enable smooth bulk loading onto land trains for transport.

Our focus at Rainstorm is providing practical applications that optimise
efficiency and enhance sustainability.


Reduce Dust. Reduce Moisture.

Fog System

Using more water doesn't necessarily lead to better dust control. Built in-house, our purpose-designed Dry Fog Dust Suppression Systems are created to minimise water usage whilst ensuring maximum dust control. Unlike water deluge systems that can actually exacerbate dust issues, our high-pressure Dry Fog Systems are carefully calibrated to ensure maximum dust control.

The Dry Fog Dust Suppression System works by matching the size of water droplets to the particle size of ore dust. This precise matching of droplet size to dust particle size allows us to control ultra-fine airborne dust particles effectively, all whilst using water in an extremely efficient manner.

Curious about our Dry Fog systems and their impact on dust control? Explore now to revolutionise your operations sustainably and efficiently.

Ore Treatment

High-Performance Conditioning with PDX™

Mining Services - PDX -ORE-Conditioner

PDX™ is a potent, non-invasive ore conditioner designed for iron ore and coal blending. It effectively controls dust and enhances the mineral processing capacity, saving on operating costs, a result of 30 years of soil modification development.

Ore treatment is a fundamental process in the mining industry, essential for refining bulk materials into valuable commodities. Its practical approach ensures the quality and usability of extracted minerals for various industries.

By employing efficient techniques, mining companies can optimise their resources and reduce waste, leading to better economic and environmental outcomes. Embracing responsible practices in ore treatment is a pragmatic choice, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness within the industry.

Curious about improving your ore treatment methods?
Explore Rainstorm's practical solutions, tailored for an
efficient and sustainable materials handling experience.

Ore Transport

Zero Dust Lift-Off with Rail Car Veneering

Ore transport is a practical necessity in mining operations, which involves the movement of raw materials from extraction sites to processing plants as well as export facilities located far outside site boundaries. It requires careful coordination, utilising specialised vehicles, conveyor systems, and loading equipment.

Material that becomes airborne during the transportation of ore causes all the same hazards as airborne dust from any other source - safety, health and environment. But it also causes economic loss. Ore blowing away is ore and money lost and on a long-haul trip from site to port, the volume of lost material can amount to millions in lost revenue.

Employing effective dust control methods while transporting and handling materials optimises operational efficiency while minimising environmental impact and ore loss.

Interested in improving your ore transport methods? Discover more about
Rainstorm's practical rail car veneering solution, designed for efficient
ore transportation in mining.

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