PDX™ & Dry Fog Systems

Reduce Dust. Reduce Moisture. Improve Throughput.

For over 20 years Rainstorm has been delivering 2 key products & application services to mining & manufacturing clients in Australia & Internationally to control dust in materials handling. PDX™ & Dry Fog Systems drop dust and reduce moisture content in ore:

PDX™ Ore Conditioner

  • Greater flow, improved throughput and export capacity
  • Reduces dust, minimises ore moisture content (Reduce DEM)
  • PDX™ for Iron Ore
  • PDX™ for Coal
  • Refer PDX™ tab for performance, product characteristics and history

Rainstorm Dry Fog Systems (RDC80 Single | Twin)

  • Fine spray high pressure Fog Systems: pump, motor, filters, mine spec. lockable unit, sprays, lines, nozzles, brackets, Rainstorm Installation & Commissioning
  • Ship hulls
  • Transhipment
  • Process plants
  • Fog system lines, sprays, components Rainstorm design add to client specification

Reducing DEM with PDX™ & Dry Fog Systems

The key to resolving dust generation is minimising the moisture content of the ore (Reducing DEM). Rainstorm systems prevent dust during processing and moving materials using PDX™ and Fog systems to drop dust once airborne.

The dust control focus is at the point of dust generation on materials falling or being transferred. Reducing DEM mitigates dust generated during materials transfer. This moisture relationship has a direct impact on materials flow. PDX™ & Dry Fog Systems to manage the DEM and flow properties in a highly effective manner.