With over 30 years of expertise in optimising materials handling, Rainstorm is a trusted industry leader in efficient and sustainable solutions to support ore transportation.

The primary challenge in dry ore rail transportation lies in reducing material loss during transit from site to port. Total ore loss can be extremely costly but the airborne dust can also have significant environmental implications.

At Rainstorm, our commitment is clear and straightforward: to provide an effective veneering solution that minimises dust lift-off and brings substantial cost savings compared to the cost of untreated material loss during ore transport across the Australian industrial, materials handling, and mining sectors. 

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Rail Car vennering

Rail Car Veneering

Zero Dust Lift Off. Low Cost.

Our innovative dust mitigation solutions for rail transport centre around the application of a spray veneer to rail cars containing dry ore and coal. Our unique system reduces ore loss thus increasing profitability while also promoting environmental protection and operational efficiency.

Rainstorm's Gluon™ veneering agent, certified for 'zero harm' in mining, provides a highly effective and economical solution, creating a skin-like coating for a broad range of coal and iron ore grades.

Gluon™ Veneering has been rigorously tested, confirming zero dust lift-off at 20 metres per second for 10 typical coal types during rail car transportation. The expense of veneering can be lower than the cost of lost ore, making it a cost-effective choice for various bulk material transport.

Utilising inline track scales for ore loss validation ensures cost savings are substantiated both before and after the application of Gluon™ Veneering.

Veneering System Designs

At Rainstorm, we specialise in automated, site-specific rail car veneering systems that can be fitted to your existing equipment. Our range extends from fully automated installed systems to mobile early-proof-of-concept spray units.

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Quality Ore Transport with Rainstorm

Rainstorm strives for constant advancement in ore transport dust mitigation, collaborating with industry professionals to determine the most effective methods and techniques to reduce loss rates. 

For specialised rail car veneering or tailored bulk material treatment solutions, choose Rainstorm – your partner in efficient and sustainable ore transport.

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