Within Australia's diverse landscape and thriving industrial, government, civil, and mining sectors, effective dust suppression solutions and equipment are vital for environmental sustainability and public health. Rainstorm recognises this need and has created state-of-the-art dust suppression products.

Our products have been proven for over 30 years to eliminate airborne dust to 90-95%,ensuring a safer and healthier environment for workers and the public. For us, Water on Dust Control is Water Lost. That's why we have created a range of proven solutions that save on water usage while providing effective dust suppression.

Open Areas

Effective dust control in Australia is crucial in the vast expanse of open areas that are integral to mining, government, and civil projects. Rainstorm provides tailored dust control solutions that are designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by these expansive landscapes.

Our expertise lies in creating dust-free environments that ensure Australia's open areas remain productive and safe for revegetation, erosion control, and moving materials. By partnering with Rainstorm, industries operating in these open areas can mitigate the adverse
effects of fugitive dust, safeguarding worker health and environmental sustainability with dust control in Australia.

Rainstorm's cutting-edge dust control solutions are innovatively designed to boost operational efficiency, so your open-area projects
can thrive, free from dust-related disruptions.

We have a diverse range of dust suppression systems, ranging from
chemical dust suppression to mechanical dust control solutions.
All of our systems meet strict regulatory standards, ensuring
compliance and peace of mind for your operations using dust control
in Australia. We work closely with our clients to provide tailored
solutions that meet their specific needs for the open areas they work in.


Australia's mining, governmental, and civil projects face a substantial and costly challenge with managing dust emissions from site access and transporting materials along roads. The traditional method of using water to control dust is not only wasteful but also ineffective against silica dust and other harmful particles. Rainstorm's range of proven dust control products offers a sustainable and effective solution to this problem.

Our dust control solutions have been long proven ideal for Australian mining and access roads, conserving water, and cutting vehicle dust emissions. They have a 3-6 month lifespan, are easy to apply, and aid road maintenance. Our diverse solutions protect against dust, prevent erosion, and benefit Australia's roads and land.

Don't let dust emissions and wasteful water usage hinder your projects. Choose Rainstorm's range of road dust control products for a sustainable and effective solution.

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