Company Profile

Rainstorm is a specialist dust control company which offers a suite of products and specialist services to Mines, Civil Contractors and Local Governments. Since its inception in Australia in the early 90’s Rainstorm have been focussed on the dust control, soil stabilisation and rehabilitation industries. As the company has grown over time additional solutions have been developed by Rainstorm pertaining to dust management. These include automated rail car veneering, ore conditioning products along with dry fogging systems for crushers and ship-loaders. With the development of our own in-house engineering and construction capabilities Rainstorm is now creating site-specific application units, including full automation and installation along with the attendant contractor services.

With experienced corporate staff and an industry-skilled team of operators, Rainstorm is committed to its clients’ developing projects from initial site meetings, project scoping, product development and operations delivery through to corporate reporting, commissioning and maintenance stages.

Rainstorm has grown with the industry from being an earlier pioneer of dust control product development in Australia to being a world-wide industry leader building specialty application equipment and products which optimise safety and dust environmental standards for clients around the globe. As industry specialists with onsite experience the product range and services extend through all areas of dust mitigation in mining and civil projects. Data validation on the best products and practices enable the client to evaluate cost and benefits while making environmental improvements.

Rainstorm value each and every client, large and small, and have decades of case histories and experience to bring to the table. Our services include civil works in Mining, Government, Agriculture, Military, and Oil & Gas projects.

With our head office in Perth, WA and with manufacturing and service yards in Karratha, WA and Lara, Victoria, we are able to service the whole country. Rainstorm is a known brand all over the world with main international presence in Asia, South America, and India.



Key Personnel

Mason Trouchet

Sales and Marketing Manager
Rainstorm Dust Control - Western Australia


John Turner

East Coast Development Manager
Rainstorm Dust Control - Eastern Australia


Julian Musgrave

West Coast Development Manager
Rainstorm Dust Control - Western Australia