Rainstorm 30+ Years Expertise

Mining, Civils, Government Services

Rainstorm Dust Control is a Specialist Australian Dust Control Company with over 35 years expertise servicing both Australian clients and Clients Internationally with Mining, Civils, Infrastructure and Government Projects. Rainstorm is an Earth Awards recipient proudly producing Dustmag™ in Australia. Rainstorm has a trademark product range; provides product design development to suit project conditions; provides Specialist Operator and Equipment Application Services and delivers Corporate Reporting. Rainstorm service from Pit to Port, Road, Rail, Stockpiles and Shiploading. Rainstorm do Dustmag™ for Roads. Gluon™ for Veneering, Hydroseeding and Site Rehabiliation. PDX™ Ore Conditioning for lower DEM & High Performance Dry Fogging Systems.

Large & Small Clients: Products, Specialist Application and Corporate Reporting

Rainstorm value their Small Clients and Major Civils & Mining Clients. RDC provide Batching & Application Systems, Site Application Procedures and Site Specific Product Design to suit Ore & Soil Types, weather conditons and treatment duration. Rainstorm delivery Dust Control Strategies and Unit Cost Calculators for clients running big operations, as a support service for a whole of site approach to dust control. Talk to Rainstorm about your site conditions and operational requirements.

Strong Customer Service Record

Rainstorm’s Head Office is located in Western Australia (Maddington), with Pilbara Operations and Victorian Operations established for over 30 years. Rainstorm have a Strong Customer Service Record, Value Excellent Service, Warranty Products and Services and provide Strategic Site Wide Advice and reporting to achieve Best Practice Dust Control. Rainstorm understand the operational demands for sites in isolated locations and have the expertise and gear to deliver to client requirements.

Rainstorm Delivery Process:

Rainstorm prepare Quotations in response to client’s requirements and site/project conditions, and develop products fit for purpose. Rainstorm’s products and equipment are freighted or hauled to port, site, remote areas and internationally. Rainstorm assist clients with the selection and installation of on site batching and tank farm systems, and develop appropriate application procedures to suit site conditions and on site equipment. Rainstorm provide Specialist Application services with on-road / off-road application rigs, canons, fine spray and aerial systems. For Dry Fog Systems Installation & Commissioning is carried out by the Rainstorm team. We work with civils contractors and on-site teams managing dust control programs very effectively.

Dustmag™ for unsealed roads, Gluon™ for stockpiles, Rail Car Veneering, Hydroseeding for site rehabilitation, PDX™ Ore Conditioning & Rainstorm Dry Fog Systems.
106 Maddington Road, MADDINGTON WA 6109
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