Dust is a huge safety and environmental impact issue on mine sites and unsealed roads.

Rainstorm provides effective solutions for the needs of Local Government, Civils and Mining clients. Our Dust Control products for roads include Dustmag™Dustex™, DustLig, PolyMag, PaczymeDustJel and RSC – Rainstorm Cement.


Stabilise. Compact. Protect.

Dustmag™ is a hydroscopic liquid solution applied to unsealed road surfaces. It is an extremely durable dust control treatment and a very effective stabilisation and compaction agent. Dustmag™ has been applied to over 10 million square metres of road in the Pilbara and across Western & Southern Australia over the past two decades.

Our Victorian clients require Dustmag™ in the drier summer months, whereas the North & North-West have a dry season April through to about December each year.

Why use Dustmag™?

  • Independently verified to consistently deliver 90-95% reduction in dust levels on roads (compared with alternate products such as water extenders offering only 25-50% reduction in dust levels). Ask us for report details.
  • Very durable – effective from one application for months, so no operational delays from daily maintenance.
  • Traffic can continue straight after application.
  • Maintains a tight bound surface under heavy traffic.
  • No watering for months after application, which saves high volumes of water (an important environmental and sustainability consideration).
  • Improves road condition and vehicle life.
  • Easy to use – ready to go, no mixing.
  • Environmentally benign, non-toxic.
  • Proudly produced in Australia (Pilbara and Victoria) by Rainstorm.


The bio-based road binder

Dustex™ is a unique binder, developed specifically for road stabilisation and dust control applications. Dustex™ can be applied as a spray-on/surface application or as a mix-in treatment.

Why use Dustex™?

  • Compostable and biologically friendly
  • Prevents wind erosion
  • Reduces road-water usage by up to 90%
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • Increases the load bearing capacity of existing road materials


Haul road stabiliser and dust control blend

DustLig is a blend of Rainstorm’s DustMag™ high performance dust control product and Dustex™ world renowned Calcium Lignosulphonate, a natural derivative from the paper pulp industry.

Using two of the best performing chemistries for dust control, DustMag™ and Dustex™ blend to provide high performance stabilised running surface for dust mitigation under extreme heavy haulage roads.

DustLig is suitable for autonomous haul roads.



Road Pavement Stabiliser

Rainstorm’s PolyMag road stabilising range suits both top coat and blending and compaction road applications.

PolyMag 80 is a concentrated, liquid polymer emulsion combined with our world-class dust suppressant, Dustmag™. It is blended for Australian weather and site-specific conditions. PolyMag 80 delays the binding of the particles until optimum compaction can be achieved. Then, as water is released, the polymer sets and improves the road structure while retaining the DustMag™ for dust control.

PolyMag 50 is also available, with less DustMag™ and more Polymer for a stronger, more water-resistant Polymer Enhanced Road.


Wetting and Dispersion of Soils

Paczyme is a non-ionic biodegradable wetting agent that is specially blended to achieve optimum performance in wetting and dispersion of soils. Paczyme works effectively to increase moisture penetration and retention in treated soils. This can lead to significant savings by reducing water carting costs and increasing the productivity of construction projects.


Short Term Dust Suppressant

DustJel is a concentrated polymer liquid dispersion used as a short term water extender. When added to the water for dust control management on roads it will hold a high molecular weight.

Only small amounts are added to the water – it can be applied at a ratio as low as 1L per 50,000L of water. Ratios between 1:20,000 and 1:30,000 can decrease water use by 50%.

A custom designed and built dosing system directly connected to the standpipe is available to simplify the mixing process.

RSC – Rainstorm Cement

Ideal Road Surface for Heavy Machinery

Rainstorm Cement (RSC) is an ideal soil stabilising, high strength road surface for heavy machinery. It is a haul road and heavy equipment hardstand stabiliser which produces a ‘concrete-like’ hard surface treatment, yet with a greater flexural strength (less brittle).

RSC utilises on site soil reserves in the blending and preparation of the RSC pavement, and is applied by Rainstorm specialist equipment. RSC unsealed road surfaces provide a dust free pavement.

Why use RSC?

Compared to standard portland cement (OPC) based concrete road stabilisers, RSC:

  • has a greatly reduced carbon dioxide emissions output as there is no OPC in the binder.
  • has excellent adhesion to a variety of inorganic and organic aggregates, which results in a less porous material.
  • is highly compatible with salt effected soils, as it reduces salt crystal growth in the pavement material which limits damage from salt crystal formations on bitumen seals.
  • does not require wet curing, and has very good resistance to abrasion.
  • has high transverse and crushing strengths.