Airborne dust is a significant safety and environmental threat across mines, stockpiles, open areas and unsealed roads. Rainstorm provides effective solutions to combat these challenges to ensure a safer, cleaner working environment.

Our proven dust suppression systems have been specifically designed to be both effective and environmentally friendly, making Rainstorm the top choice for road dust suppression solutions across Australia’s government, civil and mining sectors. By creating a healthier working environment and increasing overall workplace safety, our systems have become an essential operational tool for multiple industries.


Stabilise. Compact. Protect.

Dustmag™ is a hygroscopic liquid solution applied to unsealed road surfaces. It is an extremely durable dust control treatment and a very effective stabilisation and compaction agent. Dustmag™ has been applied to over 10 million square metres of road in the Pilbara and across Western and Southern Australia over the past two decades.

Why use Dustmag™?

  • Independently verified to consistently deliver 90-95% reduction in dust levels on roads (compared with alternate products such as water extenders offering only 25-50% reduction in dust levels). Ask us for report details.
  • Water Saving of 3 – 6 litres per square metre per day equating to approx. 270,000 L of water saved per day over a 1km stretch of road at 10m width (10,000m2).
  • Very durable – effective from one application for months, so no operational delays from daily maintenance.
  • Traffic can continue straight after application.
  • Maintains a tight bound surface under heavy traffic.
  • No watering for months after application, which saves high volumes of water (an important environmental and sustainability consideration).
  • Improves road condition and vehicle life.
  • Easy to use – ready to go, no mixing.
  • Environmentally benign, non-toxic.
  • Proudly produced in Australia (Pilbara and Victoria) by Rainstorm.

Where to use Dustmag™?

  • Mining Haul roads
  • Light Vehicle access roads
  • Hard stand laydown areas
  • Rail access roads
  • Car parks
  • More


Haul Road Stabiliser and Dust Control Blend

DustLig cleverly delivers the combined benefits of dust control and surface stabilisation. It is a blend of Rainstorm’s DustMag™ high-performance dust control product and DustLig world-renowned  Lignosulphonate, a natural derivative from the paper pulp industry.

Using two of the best-performing chemistries for dust control, DustMag™ and DustLig™ blend to provide high-performance dust mitigation and stabilised running road surfaces under extremely heavy haulage.

DustLig adds binding power and Dustmag holds some moisture enabling the DustLig bonds to remain flexible for a smoother road running surface without potholing.

DustLig is suitable for autonomous haul roads.


Renewable Dust Suppression

Lignex is a lignosulphonate-based product by renewable resource company, Sappi. Rainstorm is a proud distrultor.

Lignosulphonates undergo a binding action, both chemical and physical in nature, causing the molecules on the surface of a treatment area to become bonded.

The resultant bond is strong enough to stand up against traffic and will occur readily on various types of soils and road aggregates.

The treated road surface is smooth and hard with excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions.


Short Term Dust Suppressant

DustJel is a concentrated polymer liquid dispersion primarily employed as a short-term water extender for effective dust control on roads. When added to water, DustJel works by holding a high molecular weight which leads to significantly slower evaporation rates, saving or extending the water used on dust control by >30%.

DustJel is effective in surprisingly small quantities. It can be applied at a ratio as low as between 1 litre per 5,000 litres of water to 1:10,000 litres of water. Our custom-designed dosing system makes mixing very simple. It connects directly to the standpipe for simultaneous water-product loading and is available with solar battery, plug-and-play or hard-wired power options. The units can be automated, remote-controlled or manually started on a timed dose rate to suit your water cart capacity.


Road Pavement Stabiliser

Rainstorm's PolyMag road stabilising range is effective for either top-coat or mix-in applications.

PolyMag 80 is a concentrated, liquid polymer emulsion cleverly combined with our world-class dust suppressant, DustMag™. Tailored for the specific weather conditions and site requirements in Australia, PolyMag 80 offers a unique benefit. It delays particle binding until the optimal compaction level is reached. Then, as water is released, the polymer sets, strengthening the surface tension while retaining the DustMag™ for effective dust suppression.

For those seeking even greater water resistance and enhanced road performance, PolyMag 50 is also available. This variant contains less DustMag™ and a higher polymer content, resulting in a stronger, more water-resistant, Polymer Enhanced Road.


Wetting and Dispersion of Soils

Paczyme is a non-ionic biodegradable wetting agent that is specially blended to achieve optimum performance in wetting and dispersion of soils. Paczyme works effectively to increase moisture penetration and retention in treated soils. This can lead to significant savings by reducing water carting costs and increasing the productivity of construction projects.

Bind-DC 19

Biological Surface Solidification

Bind-DC 19 is a bio-cementation product that offers soil stabilisation and efficient dust control through surface solidification. It is suitable for use across the mine site including on LV and primary haul roads.  The unique bacterial solution solidifies sandy surfaces by forming calcite cement, bonding sand particles as fine as <10μm into a solid surface within 6 – 48 hours. No bitumen products used.

The nonhazardous solution is safe to handle and transport. It is delivered to site in liquid form, ready for application using a standard water cart.

Bind-DC 19 is a great solution for LV and Haul Roads, open soil areas, tailings dam facilities including slopes and sidewalls, fly ash dumps, berms & road barriers and waste rock dumps.

Rainstorm Cement

Ideal Road Surface for Heavy Machinery

Rainstorm Cement (RSC) is an effective soil stabiliser producing high-strength road surfaces trafficked by heavy machinery. Ideal for haul road and heavy equipment hardstand stabilisation, it produces a hard ‘concrete-like’ surface but with greater flexural strength (less brittle).

Applied using Rainstorm's own specialist equipment, RSC utilises on-site soil reserves during blending and preparation of an RSC pavement. Unsealed road surfaces treated with RSC become dust free.

Why use RSC?

Compared to Standard Portland Cement (OPC) based concrete road stabilisers, RSC:

  • has a greatly reduced carbon dioxide emission output as there is no OPC in the binder.
  • has excellent adhesion to a variety of inorganic and organic aggregates, which results in a less porous finished surface.
  • is highly compatible with salt-affected soils, as it reduces salt crystal growth in the pavement material which in turn, limits damage from salt crystal formations on bitumen seals.
  • does not require wet curing and has very good resistance to abrasion.
  • has high transverse and crushing strengths.








Calcite Cement formed by bacteria in Bind-DC19

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