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Dustmag™ is an excellent stabilisation and compaction agent for unsealed roads. Rainstorm have Dustmagged over 10 million square metres of road in the Pilbara and across Western & Southern Australia over the past 2 decades. Rainstorm value all clients and their major mining clients including BHPBIO, FMG, RTIO & Port Operations. Dust is a huge safety and environmental impact issue on mine sites and unsealed roads.
For site Operations in the Pilbara Desert, Goldfields & Mid-West of Western Australia, red dust is part of the work day. Dustmag™ lays dust and makes for a safe and environmentally sustainable site. Dustmag™ is produced by Rainstorm in the Pilbara and Eastern States.

Dustmag™ Performance

  • No watering for months post application
  • Water Saving: 3 – 6 litres per square metre per day saving
  • A 1km stretch of road at 10m width (10,000m2)
  • 3 litres per day water saving equates to 270,000 L water saved
  • Over a 90 day period after a Dustmag™ application
  • 90% dust reduction and substantial water saving
  • Dustmag™ improves road condition and vehicle life
  • No operational delays from daily maintenance

Our mining clients large and small choose Dustman over daily watering : it saves money and stops dust.

Dustmag™ Project Types

  • Mining Haul roads
  • Light vehicle access roads
  • Hard stand laydown areas
  • Rail access roads
  • Car parks

Gluon™ WA | NT | SA | NSW | VIC

Gluon Pilbara

Gluon™ provides high performance veneering for stockpiles, open areas, and sites requiring seed rehabilitation & planting – non-trafficable areas. Rainstorm service major Port, Civil & Mining Operations in the Pilbara & Northern Territory and across Australia.

Earth Award: Gluon Excellence, Pilbara

  • Rainstorm was awarded a CCF Earth Award for outstanding product performance for a Pilbara Gluon site rehabilitation Project
  • Gluon provides exceptional dust control
  • The membrane is ideal for seed germination
  • Gluon is durable to water: the membrane is water permeable but reseals after rain
  • Gluon Short term control is extremely valuable for ore stockpiles requiring wind protection before shipment
  • Gluon Hydroseeding is ideal for site rehabilitation where native seed and other seed blends can be added to Gluon. Gluon provides the moisture seal necessary to help germinate seeds in the dry desert conditions. Rainstorm encourage native seed rehabilitation

Rainstorm Gluon Services:

  • Fit for purpose canons for consistent-even spraying over large areas
  • We provide application procedures to suit sites, projects, gear.
  • Batching and tank farm systems
  • Pump and spray kits for small projects
  • Gluon is supplied in bulk or IBCs (1000L) freighted

Gluon project types:

  • Iron ore stockpiles
  • Coal stockpiles
  • Top soil stock piles
  • Open areas borrow pits
  • Sub division sites
  • Embankments road building, rail, port
  • Rehabilitation sand dunes gas pipe lines
  • Exploration roads
  • Asbestos hazards materials cover

Gluon™ Aerial | Site Rehabilitation | AUS & INT’L

Gluon Aerial

Gluon: Aerial applications

Gluon Aerial services and Rainstorms Heli-Bucket applications target isolated or difficult access sites and sites requiring important environmental rehabilitation (sensitive ecological areas for protection and connected area rehabilitation). Rainstorm aerial applications are a fast and efficient method to close off out of reach areas for long term dust suppression. If the location is suitable for fixed wing applications, air tractors can apply Gluon over site areas.

Gluon helicopter sand dune rehabiliation

The Western Australia Gas Pipeline utilised Gluon with helicopter applications to cover sand dunes for rehabilitation works where access using trucks was limited. The Project received an Earth awards from the Civil Construction Federation of Australia.

Gluon site remediation

Gluon Aerial Applications are extremely well suited to Tailings facilities Dust Control. Gluon provides essential dust remediation for environmental and community for remediation sites. Aerial services are ideal for difficult access sites / untrafficable materials / topography.

Gluon Projects Aerial & Rehabilitation:

Top soil stock piles
Open areas
Embankments road building, rail, port
Rehabilitation sand dunes gas pipe lines
Aerial applications:
Tailings storage facilities
Isolated sites / difficult access
Sand dunes rehabilitation
Gas pipe lines