DustMag™ WA | NT | SA | NSW

  • Pilbara to Goldfields to Broken Hill
  • 3-6L/m2 per day. No watering for months
  • Tight bound surface under heavy traffic
  • Very durable dust control for unsealed roads

Dustmag™ is an excellent stabilisation and compaction agent for unsealed roads. Rainstorm have Dustmagged over 10 million square metres of road in the Pilbara and across Western & Southern Australia over the past 2 decades. Rainstorm value all clients and their major mining clients including BHPBIO, FMG, RTIO & Port Operations. Dust is a huge safety and environmental impact issue on mine sites and unsealed roads.
For site Operations in the Pilbara Desert, Goldfields & Mid-West of Western Australia, red dust is part of the work day. Dustmag™ lays dust and makes for a safe and environmentally sustainable site. Dustmag™ is produced by Rainstorm in the Pilbara and Eastern States.

Dustmag™ Performance

  • No watering for months post application
  • Water Saving: 3 – 6 litres per square metre per day saving
  • A 1km stretch of road at 10m width (10,000m2)
  • 3 litres per day water saving equates to 270,000 L water saved
  • Over a 90 day period after a Dustmag™ application
  • 90% dust reduction and substantial water saving
  • Dustmag™ improves road condition and vehicle life
  • No operational delays from daily maintenance

Our mining clients large and small choose Dustman over daily watering : it saves money and stops dust.

Dustmag™ Project Types

  • Mining Haul roads
  • Light vehicle access roads
  • Hard stand laydown areas
  • Rail access roads
  • Car parks