Gluon™ Aerial | Site Rehabilitation | AUS & INT’L

  • Aerial Gluon & Hydroseeding
  • Open Area Veneering, Seed + Plant Regeneration
  • High performance. Rainstorm warranty.
  • Gluon veneering wind and water erosion control

Gluon: Aerial applications

Gluon Aerial services and Rainstorms Heli-Bucket applications target isolated or difficult access sites and sites requiring important environmental rehabilitation (sensitive ecological areas for protection and connected area rehabilitation). Rainstorm aerial applications are a fast and efficient method to close off out of reach areas for long term dust suppression. If the location is suitable for fixed wing applications, air tractors can apply Gluon over site areas.

Gluon helicopter sand dune rehabiliation

The Western Australia Gas Pipeline utilised Gluon with helicopter applications to cover sand dunes for rehabilitation works where access using trucks was limited. The Project received an Earth awards from the Civil Construction Federation of Australia.

Gluon site remediation

Gluon Aerial Applications are extremely well suited to Tailings facilities Dust Control. Gluon provides essential dust remediation for environmental and community for remediation sites. Aerial services are ideal for difficult access sites / untrafficable materials / topography.

Gluon Projects Aerial & Rehabilitation:

Top soil stock piles
Open areas
Embankments road building, rail, port
Rehabilitation sand dunes gas pipe lines
Aerial applications:
Tailings storage facilities
Isolated sites / difficult access
Sand dunes rehabilitation
Gas pipe lines