Dust Control Specialists,

Rainstorm is a dust control company which offers a suite of products and specialist services to Mines, Civil Contractors and Local Governments. Read more about us in our Company Profile.

Our products and services for Mining, Government, Agriculture, Military, and Oil & Gas projects include:



  • Water Savings Dustmag
    Rainstorm Dust Control - Dust Suppression Specialist
    *** This article was published by Business Focus Magazine on August 9th 2021. Find a link to the original article here. ***   RAINSTORM DUST CONTROL - DUST SUPPRESSION SPECIALIST   Australia-based Rainstorm Dust...
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  • Rainstorm China Projects
    Rainstorm works on many projects in China. Here's a video of our team in action using Gluon at a power station in Inner Mongolia. Watch the full video here.
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  • DustMag is in high demand for remote roads
    Rainstorm produce DustmagTM in the Pilbara & Eastern States - The hydroscopic material is proving a huge cost and water saving for compaction and dust control on remote roads...
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  • Rainstorm Signs Distribution Deal for Dustex™
    In this recent article in The Australian Mining Review, Rainstorm sales and technical manager Mason Trouchet explains how the industry will benefit from this new distribution deal between Rainstorm...
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  • gluon erosion control blog
    Gluon™ Veneering: Wheatstone Project
    Rainstorm applied Gluon™ Water Erosion Control for the Wheatstone Oil and Gas Project in the Pilbara Western Australia to Borrow Pits. Rainstorm also delivered Gluon applications to open areas...
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  • DustMag™: Top Performer on Mine Sites
    We know the amazing performance we get out of DustMag™, our leading road dust suppressant, but it is always nice to get positive feedback from our clients. These are...
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  • Dry Fog Systems
    High Performance Dry Fog Systems
    Adelaide Port Project & SA Environmental Protection Authority Rainstorm led dry fog system uptake in Australia with the design and implementation of ship Dry Fog Systems to solve dust issues,...
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  • gluon aerial
    Gluon™ helicopter sand dune rehabilitation
    The Western Australia Gas Pipeline utilised Gluon with helicopter applications to cover sand dunes for rehabilitation works where access using trucks was limited. The Project received an Earth awards...
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  • Water Savings Dustmag
    Save Water, Save Money with Dustmag™
    Dustmag™ generates significant water and cost savings for our clients. Dustmag™ to a 1km Road = 32,000 Litres of Water Saved Per Day. At Rainstorm we know that Water on Dust...
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  • Port Hedland Monitoring System
    Optimised Dust Control Planning
    Data to Optimise Dust Control Planning - The Port Hedland Industries Council Air Quality Real-Time monitoring: Site Monitoring | Weather Forecasting: Site Monitoring enables accurate prediction of dust events allowing for real-time...
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  • Dustmag Truck
    Highly Experienced Mining & Civils Team
    Rainstorm hold 30 years experience dedicated to Dust Control Service Delivery. Our experienced team of Operators are knowledgeable with a range of mining and civils site conditions and project...
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Client Water Savings

Water savings since 1995 (L)


At Rainstorm we know that Water on Dust Control is Water Lost. Dustmag generates significant water and cost savings for our clients. Every treatment of Dustmag to unsealed roads saves an average of 4 litres of water per square metre of road. Dustmag removes daily /weekly watering for road maintenance. A 1km stretch of road (8m width), Dustmag on 1 Kilometre of Road = 32,000 Litres of Water Saved Per Day.

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