Long-lasting Hydroseed Erosion Management

Hydroseed Erosion Management

Main Roads Western Australia is currently undertaking upgrades to a 264km stretch of the Great Eastern Highway between the eastern wheatbelt towns of Walgoolan and Coolgardie in WA.

The upgrades are aimed at improving access, providing safer overtaking opportunities and reducing ongoing maintenance expenditure.

Contractors, Highway Construction, are leaders in sustainable road construction and chose Rainstorm’s Hydroseed Erosion Management method to stabilise and vegetate embankments alongside the new Walgoolan Bridge and nearby roadsides.

Highway Construction’s primary concern was erosion of embankments due to rain events. It was determined that hydroseed erosion management enhanced with Flexterra® high performance flexible growth medium, was going to provide the most reliable and longest-lasting protection.

A native seed mix was selected combining a mix of everlasting wildflowers and native acacias. These are expected to germinate quickly, lock down the treated soil and ultimately beautify the area with colourful flora native to the region and favoured by local fauna.

Rainstorm can customise its hydroseed erosion management solutions with an array of soil conditioners and enhancers to meet the specific needs of any stabilisation or revegetation situation. Contact the Rainstorm team for advice on the best solution for your project.

Hydroseed Erosion Management Walgoolan