Rainstorm Signs Distribution Deal for Dustex™


In this recent article in The Australian Mining Review, Rainstorm sales and technical manager Mason Trouchet explains how the industry will benefit from this new distribution deal between Rainstorm and Borregaard.

Dust control specialist company Rainstorm has included Dustex™ to its range of specialty dust control products. Rainstorm is arguably Australia’s leading specialist dust control company, having operated for 28 years at the forefront of technologies solving

dust issues within a range of industries, including mining, civil construction, waste management, materials handling, land rehabilitation, servicing with contractor and spray systems for roads and plants areas.

With an in-house team of scientists, Rainstorm has retained its market-leading position through the development of innovative technologies that were consistently deployed hand-in-hand with best practice to ensure the optimal result on the ground.

Rainstorm sales and technical manager Mason Trouchet said the company had always sought to cover the full range in base chemistry of dust control and soil stabilisation products, seeking the best quality in each category.

“The combined power of Rainstorm and Borregaard brings to the market high-quality lignins, with experience and service at competitive pricing,” Mr Trouchet said.

“We have been blending lignins and now Dustex with other products in our range to add binding power.”

“We now have the history and experience of Dustex, a market leader in lignin technology.”

“Our unique market position enables us to open up the technology base groups to the miners so they build data sets based on a type of chemical group that works for them, and then head to market to buy, comparing apples for apples in price, quality and performance.”

Mr Trouchet said Rainstorm intended to offer Dustex at competitive pricing against similar lignins used in haul roads.

“If you’re using a lignin now, make sure you speak with us to compare as pricing will be on the table,” Mr Trouchet said.

Mr Trouchet said Rainstorm offered significant advantage to dust control solutions, scoping the best product base chemistry groups that cover the main heavy lifting when it comes to dust control.

“Using data from mobile dust monitors attached to mine fleet vehicles provide real time dust data and events in traffic light simplicity – red, orange, and green,” he said.

“Response from water carts is not wasted on road sections that are in green, instead being targeted to apply on road sections requiring an application.”

It also enables targeted blend to manage the changing and variable landscape and conditions on haul roads.

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