Soil Stabilisation for Fun and Recreation

Three Chillies Design - John Dunn BMX Challenge Park

Image care of Three Chillies Design – Soil Stabilisation at John Dunn BMX Challenge Park

Soil Stabilisation Across Sectors

On a mine site, Rainstorm is all about mitigating dust to improve health and safety, save water, reduce machine maintenance, optimise materials handling, reduce material loss and minimise operational downtime.

But our products are used on some very cool civil projects too, and when it comes to surface stabilisation at a world class BMX park created by our good friends at Three Chillies Design, the ultimate goal is a lot more about fun!

Three Chillies Design are specialists in the design, management and construction of trails, pump tracks, dirt jumps, civil works and recreational infrastructure. Their projects incorporate iconic structures that stand out and stand the test of time.

They craft world-class facilities for a diverse range of clients including government agencies, community groups, developers, and private enterprises.

Proudly, you’ll see Rainstorm’s GluonTM soil stabiliser at work, protecting popular, highly trafficked projects like Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park, John Dunn BMX Challenge Park, Kalamunda Circuit, Bayswater Skate and BMX Park, Falcon Pump Track, Barrow Park Pump Track, Carramar BMX Track, and more.

Soil Stabilisation

Eco-Conscious Soil Stabilisation Solutions

Central to Three Chillies Design’s ethos is their commitment to sustainable practises that minimise environmental impact. The design, materials and products they utilise align with this ethos, which is why they choose Rainstorm’s non-toxic, water based GluonTM polymer for soil stabilisation and to solidify track and jump surfaces.

GluonTM is 100% environmentally safe and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than alternative surface solidifying products such as Portland cement.

Soil Stabilisation

GluonTM will stabilise any unsealed material to a hard finish and offers the flexibility of achieving either a surface veneer, such as for stockpiles, civil land developments and lightly trafficked garden spaces, or can be mixed in to the base material and compacted to solidify deeply.

In this case, the finished surface is durable, significantly less susceptible to erosion and doesn’t create dust. Beyond BMX Tracks and mine sites, GluonTM is ideal for civil landscaping and home garden projects alike.

Contact the Rainstorm team to find out how GluonTM can transform unsealed soil to useful ground for you today.