DustMag™: Top Performer on Mine Sites

We know the amazing performance we get out of DustMag™, our leading road dust suppressant, but it is always nice to get positive feedback from our clients. These are photos taken from a Iron Ore Mine Site in Newman, WA. These photos have been taken 8 weeks after applying DustMag™ with our own specially equipped application vehicle to some of their busiest LV roads on site. These roads have NOT been graded or watered during those 8 weeks. Rainstorm’s successful method to apply DustMag™ is proven over and over again. Not only does your road stay dust free for up to 3 months, you also SAVE MONEY on maintenance costs and water usage. Contact us now to DustMag™ your site!

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Water Savings Dustmag

Save Water, Save Money with Dustmag™

Dustmag™ generates significant water and cost savings for our clients.
Dustmag™ to a 1km Road = 32,000 Litres of Water Saved Per Day.

At Rainstorm we know that Water on Dust Control is Water Lost. Every treatment of Dustmag™ to unsealed roads saves an average of 4 litres of water per square metre of road. Dustmag™ removes daily /weekly watering for road maintenance. A 1km stretch of road (8m width), Dustmag™ on 1 Kilometre of Road = 32,000 Litres of Water Saved Per Day.

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Road Emissions Expert

Innovative Dust Monitoring Technology

Dust Monitoring Technology: REX Dust ‘Hot Spots’:

Innovative dust monitoring technology measuring air particulate emissions, are generating improvements for Rainstorm clients’ site dust control planning. Our clients are able to utilise weather & atmospheric modelling to plan on site dust control programs in response to data. For example:

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