PDX Ore Conditioner

  • PDX: Pilbara Western Australia
  • Open Area Veneering, Seed + Plant Regeneration
  • High performance. Rainstorm warranty.
  • Gluon veneering wind and water erosion control

PDX™ is designed specifically to improve flow and handling for wet and sticky ores by reducing moisture content, and for dry ores to reduce dust and improve flow. PDX is added to water and mix-blended for ore moisture conditioning. PDX reduces the moisture levels to lower the DEM (Dust Extinction Moisture). When added to wet ores, PDX migrates through the moisture in the ore, breaks up the ore and improves flow performance.
During the mechanical action of dumping and transfer points PDX improves flow.

PDX Projects include Iron Ore Conditioning for Rio Tinto’s wet and sticky ores, and PDX DEM on dry Mara Mamba Iron Ore. PDX was used by Atlas Iron for a 2 year DEM reduction treatment for dry ore conditioning and for PDX dust management through the Port Hedland Port Facility, delivering substantial dust reduction at materials handling points.


  • PDX Ore Conditioner
  • Iron ore fines dry, dust control
  • Wet and sticky ore bauxite, flow
  • Wet and sticky iron ore fines, flow