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Dustmag™ is an excellent stabilisation and compaction agent for unsealed roads. Rainstorm have Dustmagged over 10 million square metres of road in the Pilbara and across Western & Southern Australia over the past 2 decades. Rainstorm value all clients and their major mining clients including BHPBIO, FMG, RTIO & Port Operations. Dust is a huge safety and environmental impact issue on mine sites and unsealed roads.
For site Operations in the Pilbara Desert, Goldfields & Mid-West of Western Australia, red dust is part of the work day. Dustmag™ lays dust and makes for a safe and environmentally sustainable site. Dustmag™ is produced by Rainstorm in the Pilbara and Eastern States.

Dustmag™ Performance

  • No watering for months post application
  • Water Saving: 3 – 6 litres per square metre per day saving
  • A 1km stretch of road at 10m width (10,000m2)
  • 3 litres per day water saving equates to 270,000 L water saved
  • Over a 90 day period after a Dustmag™ application
  • 90% dust reduction and substantial water saving
  • Dustmag™ improves road condition and vehicle life
  • No operational delays from daily maintenance

Our mining clients large and small choose Dustman over daily watering : it saves money and stops dust.

Dustmag™ Project Types

  • Mining Haul roads
  • Light vehicle access roads
  • Hard stand laydown areas
  • Rail access roads
  • Car parks

DustMag™ Civil VIC | NSW | SA | WA | NT

Dustmag Civil

Dustmag is an exceptional stabilization and compaction agent as well as providing dust reduction of up to 95% (Speak to Rainstorm for details). Rainstorm have been servicing Civil & Government clients in Victoria, WA, NT, SA, QLD and Northern Territory for over 30 years. Rainstorm have established Operations in Lara Victoria and produce Dustmag in the Australian Eastern States. Our Victorian clients require Dustmag in the drier summer months, whereas the North & North-West have a dry season April through to about December each year.

Dustmag for Civils and Infrastructure roads projects, and events, provides excellent dust control for regular seasonal applications for unsealed roads. Rainstorm currently service Local Government clients in Victoria & WA, and Civils clients in all States. We are committed to service delivery from outset to completion and maintenance. We value our service to clients.

Civils | Infrastructure Projects
Council Local Government unsealed roads
Car parks and civil lay down areas.
Short Term unsealed by pass roads
Stock yards , farming sheds
Short term events
Unsealed roads for music and air shows
Grain Terminal yards