High Performance
Dry Fog Systems

Reduce Dust. Reduce Moisture.

More water does not equate to better dust control. Our Fog Systems minimise water usage for maximum dust control, using high pressure systems (rather than water deluge systems which can leave a dust problem). Our Dry Fog Systems match water droplet size to ore dust particle size to drop dust, making extremely efficient use of water to control ultra-fine airborne dust particles.

For Shipping, Manufacturing and Mine Processing

Our modular High Performance Dry Fog Systems:

  • are built in-house with custom design add-ons and specialist lines, nozzles and components fit for purpose and site conditions
  • come with a 12-month warranty on pumps and motors with Rainstorm installation
  • can be installed and commissioned by us with minimum lead time
  • can be mounted on crusher and plant circuits and ship loading transfer points, with fogging air close to dust generation points
  • enable fog zones to be directly next to generation points, preventing dust from escaping to transfer points