Rainstorm offer a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services. Based on more than 25 years of field experience we have developed a tool box full of suitable products.


The seed mix and selection of additives can be site specific, based on your geographical area in Australia. The blend is added to either a Gluon or a paper mix. One application coat will seed and hold the top soil in place until germination. Seed mix and selected Mycorrhiza fungi are mixed together ensuring contact with seeds during the application.

Soil Conditioning

We offer different types of soil conditioners in order to speed up the germination process. Our in-house produced Agzyme is a pro-biotic soil stimulator. It will stimulate the growth of natural mycorrhiza fungi. Also available are products like Aminoc and CO2 Smash, a product range developed to enhance root development on plants.

Rainstorm have a range of specialised OFF ROAD application trucks to mix and apply to the toughest terrain.