Drill and Blast Stemming Products

Rainstorm work with innovative chemistry solutions. PWS Pressure Wave Systems process is a step change in a solution to bring about quantum improvements to blasting results through stemming and containment.

PWS gel stem overlaps with blasting dust control, drill and blast uniformity, fragmentation, mining efficiencies. Our services provide cost effective blast consumables for Drill and Blasting, Open Pit Mining, Underground Mining, Hard Rock Quarry and Military.

Rainstorm provide stemming materials and services from PWS Pressure Wave Systems.

StemGel™: New Stemming Technology

StemGel™ is an advanced polymer formula capable of revolutionising Drill & Blast procedures.

Why use StemGel™?

  • Easy to pour down blast holes
  • Provides a Pw deck for extra rock fracturing
  • Replaces aggregate stemming material
  • Protects detonation cord
  • Easily fix misfires
  • Reduces stemming height requirements
  • Maximise heave

Revolutionise Drill & Blast

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to pour down blast holes
  • Protects ANFO against rain and running water
  • Provides a Pw deck for extra rock fracturing
  • Replaces aggregate stemming material
  • Protects detonation cord
  • Easily fix misfires
  • Adjustable SG for extra stemming mass
  • Reduces stemming height requirements
  • Reduce grid pattern density
  • Reduce toe
  • Reduces noise and dust after detonation
  • Non hazardous and non dangerous

New Stemming Technology

StemGel™ has multiple significant operational advantages that will revolutionise drill and blast. StemGel™ is an advanced polymer gel capable of replacing existing stemming materials down hole. StemGel™ can be adjusted to reach a high specific gravity to improve bench heave. The polymer also acts as a Pw deck to increase hard rock fracturing through improved containment.

pit panorama
pws chart

StemGel™ Actions
The PWS product technology can reflect or attenuate 98% of the pressure wave (Pw) generated by the detonation of explosives by using stem gel. The Pw is reflected into the most ridged surface i.e. surrounding rock, to increase shattering during the initial moments of explosion.
The explosive energy can be enhanced by the more controlled containment of expanding gases. PWS stemming gel technology can adjust its density to increase the total mass by manipulating the addition of dissolved and / or undissolved solids. This increases blasting performance.



  • Versatile stem matting place in blast hole and lay across the explosive area.
  • Above ground stemming oversize material, hard rock, underground, environmental restraints.
  • Activated my adding water, and effective tool to stem and contain blasting energy.
  • Easy to install
  • Reduction in noise to >50%
  • Reduction in Dust
  • Reduction in fly rock potential


Down Hole Dewatering Aid: DHDA™

DHDA™ is an advanced mineral and polymer formula capable of instantly solidifying down hole water.

Why use DHDA™?

  • Easy to pour down blast holes
  • Rapidly drys and solidifies invasive down hole water
  • ANFO can be used instead of emulsions
  • Increased P-WAVE performance upon detonation
  • Reduces multiple operational costs

Typical Dose Rate

100 grams per litre of normal ground water. Increased dosage is required for high TDS water.

Product applied at 50 grams per second.

Use ANFO – Not Emulsion

Key Benefits:

  • Easy pour granulate into blast holes
  • Simplifies bench loading procedures
  • Rapid solidification of water
  • Effective across varied water qualities
  • Protects ANFO from dynamic ground water
  • Can be used with all explosive types
  • Creates P-WAVE reflecting deck
  • Improves blasting results
  • Saves time and reduces costs
  • Non hazardous and non dangerous

Increases P-WAVE Performance

DHDA™ is a pressure wave reflecting polymer that redirects the shockwave explosive power in the initial blast directly into the hard wall surface to dramatically increase fracturing to reduce rock size. By using DHDA™ numerous performance benefits are realised: reduction in time loading in wet holes; ensures ANFO option is available; reduces blasting noise and dust; reduces oversize equating to substantial down stream savings.