Hydroseeding & Hydromulching

Hydroseeding: For Soil, Sand & Site Rehabiliation

Hydroseeding and Hydromulch are well established to lay dust from wind erosion. Rainstorm and sister company Sunhawk have been industry leaders in hydroseeding for over 20 years.
Hydromulching utlises a recycled paper blend with native seeding or grass seeding with dye marking options. Variations to hydromulch and hydroseed blends include all manner of soil improvement materials to assist plant growth, and Gluon™ blends to extend treatment life cycle. Rainstorm have developed high performance blends to promote seed germination and encourage native seed regeneration.

Specialist Hydroseeding Systems

Rainstorm have specialised application rigs built in house and a range of on and off road trucks to enable large area low cost applications. Mix blend variability and product development to suit site conditions are developed by our inhouse team to blend with recycled paper and non-paper hydroseeding blends to suit desert conditions.

Hydromulch and hydroseeding performance

  • Suppression of wind blown dust
  • Mitigation of soil erosion
  • Cost effective native and non-native seeding applications
  • Site rehabilitation / rejuvenation
  • Recycled paper blend formulation for hydromulching
  • Treatment to road enbankments and subdivisions with a range of specialist application rigs.
  • Open areas, batters, dunes and rehabilitation areas are also treated

Colour coding with Dye

Colour coding with dye is optional for treatment area coding. Paper materials last 6 to 12 months duration. Hydroseeding blends 6-12 months duration depending on requirements.

Hydromulch in summer

Hydromulch will typically last all summer provided surfaces are not disturbed but will degrade over time with the onset of rain. With seeded hydromulch, once seed has germinated, the root structure holds the surface much longer with the stem of the plant deflecting wind. Hydromulch an efficient and sustainable means of re-vegetation and rehabilitation of broadacre sites.