Gluon™: Batching & Application.

We batch Gluon™ to suit your project size and type:

Small Projects: Pump-Spray Kits. Supply IBC or Drum.

  • Rainstorm supply pump and hose kits for clients to hand spray on site.
  • Supply options are 1000L IBCs freighted to site, 20L Drums (or bulk).
  • Rainstorm provide dye marking options and batching guides to suit your conditions

Large Projects: Tank Farm, Batching Systems, Bulk Supply.

  • Rainstorm lease a range of tank farm systems
  • Bunded batching systems, lines and sprays can be supplied and procedures provided to suit on site equipment and project requirements.
  • Water blending and application rates vary according to truck, site conditions and the duration of treatment required.
  • Rainstorm have a range of on and off road vehicles, equipment, spray canons and batching equipment and provide application services.
  • Our very experienced mine certified Operations team deliver on site application services. Supervision and Corporate Reporting services are provided.

Gluon™ Spray Fan Technique:

Veneering requires application technique to sustain effective treatments. The objective is to feather spray Gluon™ and water batch to completely cover the application area with the least amount of water.

Technique for Gluon™ Application:

  • Several passes with lighter coats layered on the area surface with a high concentration of Gluon™ forms an effective veneer.
  • Treated areas that are rough and have uneven surface should be applied with a minimum of two passes from different approaches, to ensure shadows in divots are veneered.
  • Effective Gluon™ Veneered surfaces have a darker appearance than untreated areas and slight shine to the surface. Dye colour can be added to Gluon™ water batch (See our Gluon™ Dye Marking Tab Above)
  • Variables on water flow calibaration and batching rates are adjusted by Rainstorm according to equipment, pumps and site requirements and treatment duration. Rainstorm provide site procedures to clients.