Gluon™ Series: Dye Marking

High Performance Dye Blends

Dye Marking is Gluon™ blended to colour code application areas. Treated areas will dry and the dye remains present in the surface coat. Dye is generally green but colour selection will depend on the natural soil / ore colour and our client’s preference, and the duration of treatment required. Green dye is the most commonly specified for lighter coloured soils.

  • Highlights application area
  • Marks applications coat frequency by colour tone.
  • Site control using colour coded green, brown, blue or black
  • Aids visual monitoring

Managing Effectively with Colour Applications

Colour coding application areas using green was first used to highlight the application. The visual impact has now become a useful tool to manage open area applications in a changing green fields project.

Hydroseeding & Seed Regeneration

Dye is used in open areas and stockpiles to mark dust control veneering or hydroseeding mixes. Rainstorm encourage native seed regeneration on sites. Added to the water used to batch veneer product, various colour options are used to highlight. Natural soil colour will have influence on colour selection and rates.