Hold down dust with Gluon™

High Performance Gluon™ Veneering:

Rainstorm warranty performance for Gluon™ Veneering for Stockpiles, Open Areas, Site Rehabilitation, Water Erosion Control and Rail Car Veneering. We handle a wide range of projects and site conditions with varying climatic conditions, exposed to wind and water erosion. Rainstorm is an Earth Awards Recipient. Gluon™ has been verified to deliver outstanding performance for veneering (Ask Rainstorm for details).
Quality lasts, Gluon™ Veneering works and holds its value, and we warranty applications. We design Gluon™ applications for 1 month through to 12 months plus, with green dye marking for area demarcation as required.

Gluon™ Veneering is for civil subdivisions, and small sites through to large scale mining operations. Stockpiles & Open Areas are the second largest dust generation source on a project after roads. Gluon™ seals a veneering mesh for short and long term control, it provides a protection coat to hold down dust. Gluon™ Applications are designed to suit vegetation regeneration through to water erosion control for enbankments and design to suit automated veneering system application (eg rail cars).

Gluon™ Veneering Zero Dust Lift Off Performance:

  • Gluon™ range offers high performance veneering for mining & civils, over 35 years
  • Wind tunnel testing: Gluon™ achieves zero dust lift off at 20m / second.
  • Long term veneering control: 6 to 12 months
  • Short term low cost veneering: 30 to 60 days
  • Water erosion protection

Gluon™ Veneering Design For Project types:

  • Ore and topsoil stockpiles
  • Open areas (Aerial Application for sites with limited access)
  • Embankments: civil projects and mining
  • Sub division sand stabilisation
  • Rehabilitation and hydroseeding
  • Environmental control sites & tailings sites
  • High risk materials control, such as asbestos
  • Tailings and site remediation

Rainstorm expertise with Veneering Services include:

  • Product Design, Supply and Specialist Application Services
  • Product development to suit client /project requirements
  • Aerial Application Helibucket Systems
  • 40 Metre Canon Sprays
  • Automated Rail Car Veneering
  • On & Off Road Vehicles to reach difficult sites
  • Batching, Tank Farm and Kit Systems
  • Site Application Procedures
  • Application Corporate Reporting

Rainstorm Project Expertise & Client Base include:

  • Large Scale ongoing Mining Veneering Applications (Site & Port Facilities)
  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Civil and Government Sub-Division Works
  • Greenfield Top Soils
  • Site Rehabilitation and Regeneration
  • Waste Site Remediation / Control.
  • Soil Stabilisation
  • Water Erosion Control
  • Rail Car Veneering

Designing Veneering Applications, consider:

  • Prevailing winds, rainfall, seasonal change.
  • Dust monitoring systems and predictive modelling
  • Duration of Application required:
  • Short term application (4 weeks), to Long term application (12 months or greater)
  • Application requirements, equipment, batching systems and colour marking