Dustmag™: High Performance, Unsealed Roads

Dustmag™: Stabilise. Compact. Protect.

Dustmag™ for unsealed roads and open areas is a hydroscopic liquid solution applied to unsealed road surfaces. Dustmag™ is an extremely durable road dust treatment and a very effective road stabilisation and compaction agent. DustMag™ maintains a tight bound surface to prevent dust under heavy traffic and protects road surface condition. Traffic can continue straight after application, and there is no no watering after application.

Dustmag™: 90-95% Dust Reduction

Dustmag™ has been independently verified to consistently deliver 90-95% reduction in dust levels on roads, compared with alternate products such as water extenders offering only 25-50% reduction in dust levels (Speak to Rainstorm for report details). In addition to high performance dust control, with Dustmag™ there is NO watering on roads post application – highly suited for sites and clients conscious of water saving.

Dustmag™: Reduce Operational Costs.

With NO watering on Dustmag™ treated roads for months after application, our major clients have generated significant operational cost savings and road maintenance improvements due to the improved road condition by utilising Dustmag™ versus daily water extenders.

Improved road condition with Dustmag™ results in:

  • Operational delays are reduced with no daily watering on roads
  • Sites move from reactive daily road maintenance to planned maintenance scheduling.
  • Reduce equipment and labour operational cost - critical to business sustainability by removing the need for daily dust and road maintenance.
  • Report significant improvements in vehicle free rolling resistance, and improved tyre wear, equipment & filter life.

Dustmag™: No Watering

Dustmag™ saves high volumes of water – an important environmental and sustainability consideration. An example of Water Savings on a stretch of road:

  • For a 1 kilometre stretch of road (by 10 metres=10,000m2)
  • By removing daily watering which can be modestly averaged at 3 Litres per square metre per day required over a 90 day period (Dustmag™ treatment period):
  • 2,700,000Litres of water can be saved over a 1km stretch of road per 90 days
  • The water saving per annum per kilometre stretch of road is close to 11 million litres, per kilometre. In the Pilbara or Broken Hill or the Goldfields or the desert in South Australia, that’s an important water saving.

Produced in Australia: Pilbara and Victoria.

Rainstorm proudly produce Dustmag™ in Australia in both the Pilbara and Eastern States and supply in bulk or IBC’s (1000L). Rainstorm’s Polymag road stabilsing range suit both top coat and blending and compaction road applications. Rainstorm freight to clients across Australia and Internationally.