High Performance Dustmag™

Dustmag™ Produced in Australia | Tight Bound Surface Under Heavy Traffic.

Rainstorm produce Dustmag™ in Australia and Bulk Supply to Site or freight in IBC’s (1000L). Dustmag™ is an extremely durable dust control treatment and a very effective stabilisation and compaction agent. DustMag™ is a hydroscopic environmentally benign liquid applied to the road surface (Speak to Rainstorm for Environmental Reports and Product Information). Dustmag™ maintains a tight bound surface under heavy traffic, to stop dust. Effective from one application for months. Dustmag™ is produced as a by-product and is environmentally benign.

Rainstorm Services Projects Australia Wide

Dustmag™ has been applied to manage dust on roads since 1983. Our Australian Clients have been using DustMag™ starting in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Rainstorm have sizable DustMag™ Operations in the Western Australia Pilbara and Perth Regions. Rainstorm service Mining Majors & Government & Civils in the Pilbara, Goldfields, South-West, South Australia, Victoria Northern Territory and Queensland. Ask Rainstorm for Project details in your region.


DustJel is a short term water extender. When added to the water for dust control management on roads it will hold a high molecular weight. Only small amounts are added to the water. Ratios between 1:20,000 and 1:30,000 can decrease water use by 50%. A custom build dosing system directly connected to the standpipe is available to simply the mixing process.


DustLig is a calcium lignosulphonate, a natural derivative from the pulp wood industry. It is used to stop dust in trafficable and non-trafficable areas. It is non-toxic to flora and fauna, biodegradable and an environmentally friendly product. DustLig is easy to apply, very cost effective and safe to use. It doesn’t require any specialised equipment and can be applied at any time during the year. It is not material specific and will therefore work on most surfaces.

Polymag Stabilising:

Rainstorm’s Polymag road stabilsing range suit both top coat and blending and compaction road applications. Polymag is supplied in IBC’s. Rainstorm freight Internationally.

Want to Save Water & Cost on your Project?

Ask Rainstorm for a copy of our Water Saving Calculator and Unit Cost Calculators so you can do your own cost-benefit analysis of using Dustmag™, and identify:

  • Your current Operational maintenance spend on roads
  • Current production downtime for road maintenance
  • Review production increase potential by removing water carts daily operation
  • Understand water savings you can generate for your site, and leave potable water for future generations.
  • Review road maintenance systems: Is your road maintenance hit and miss or scheduled quarterly on roads?

Dustmag™ Performance Summary:

  • Very durable road surface dust control treatment
  • Effective stabilisation & compaction agent
  • Tight bound surface under heavy traffic
  • Top down application to roads and yard areas
  • No watering for months post application
  • Water blend option available to prevent evaporation
  • Easy to use, ready to go, no mixing
  • Environmentally benign, non-toxic. Naturally farmed.
  • Proudly produced as a by-product reserve on the East & West Coast of Australia
  • Readily utilised by site teams
  • See our Contractor services for batching & tank farm systems.