Gluon™ Water Erosion Control

  • GluonTM Water Erosion Control
  • Gluon Veneering Superior Performance
  • Gluon surface mesh to bind soil / ore. Short/Long Term
  • Bonding chain stable & flexible fixing soil in place

Mining. Civil. Infrastructure. Drill Pads. Blast Bunds.

Gluon™ Water Erosion Control is a water resistant surface veneer formula & treatment method to control soil erosion. It is ideal for mining, civil and infrastructure projects with areas that relate to fixed site infrastructure or semi-permanent site areas where issues with water run-off/ water erosion affect large civil enbankments, drill pads, blast bunds and areas that require stabilising for site area rehabilitation and permanent operations.

Gluon™ Veneering: Wheatstone Project

Rainstorm applied Gluon™ Water Erosion Control for the Wheatstone Oil and Gas Project in the Pilbara Western Australia to Borrow Pits. Rainstorm also delivered Gluon applications to open areas to hold dust and trap moisture for site rehabilitation and embankment water erosion control. Soft sand areas were covered using the Rainstorm specialist CASE application truck photographed.

Rainstorm Warranty. Gluon holds its value.

Gluon™ holds value on projects delivering superior performance designed for short or long term control. Rainstorm Warranty Applications. Gluon™ polymer surface mesh binds soil and ore. The bonding chain remains stable and flexible, to fix soil in place.

Gluon Water Erosion Project Types:

  • Enbankments / Retained earth
  • Blast bunds for explosive stores
  • Railway embankments Iron ore
  • Port embankments Iron ore
  • Drill Pads
  • Stock Pile ore protection