Rail Car Veneering

Rainstorm Automated Rail Car Veneering Systems

Rainstorm specialise in automated rail car veneering systems. Rainstorm’s Gluon™ veneering agent (mining certified) spray coats to rail cars. Rainstorm’s ‘zero harm’ Gluon™ formulation is an effective low cost solution to provide a skin like veneer to a wide range of Coal and Iron ore grades.

Gluon™ Veneering: Zero Dust Lift off. Low Cost.

Gluon™ Veneering is validated at zero dust lift off for 20 metres per second for 10 typical coal types during rail car transportation. At a low cost, Gluon™ veneering prevents dust lift off to add to safe and responsible operations to the environment and community. Talk to Rainstorm about our:

  • Reference wind tunnel test report.
  • Gluon™ Series Data Sheets.

Rail Car Veneering System Designs:

Rainstorm provide system and site specific application rail car veneering systems, from fully automated installed systems to mobile early proof of concept spray units.

  • Talk to Rainstorm about our design approach and veneering station specifications.
  • Rainstorm provide full service delivery including site support application services
  • Veneering reduces ore loss, saves cost and improves operational efficiency

Gluon™ Veneering: Reducing Ore Loss.

Veneering costs can be less than the cost of lost ore. Validation of ore loss using inline track scales can validate cost saving before and after Gluon™ Veneering is applied. Gluon™ Veneering mitigates atmospheric emissions from fine particulate matter into the surrounding environment. We encourage our clients with Rail Car Veneering for people and the environment.

Achieving Dust Reduction from Pit to Port Rail to Geraldton Port.

Talk to Rainstorm about our Rail Car Veneering Projects: One of our major mining clients achieved significant dust reduction from Pit to Port rail during transport to Geraldton Port.