Fog Systems

High Performance Dry Fog Systems

  • Dry Fog Modular Rainstorm Systems
  • Rainstorm component lines, nozzles, fittings: design to project specification
  • Fine spray high pressure efficient system
  • Effective control of ultra fine particles
  • Match’s water droplet size to dust molecule size
  • Capital effective dust suppression systems
  • Mininum Lead Time, Installation & Commissioning by Rainstorm

RDC80 Dry Fog Systems

  • Dry Fog Modular Size Systems: design & construction inhouse to high quality mining specification (unit install, electrics, mining spec. unit, fabrication)
  • System add-ons: Rainstorm provide design estimation to client requirements and supply of high quality Rainstorm custom lines, nozzles, sprays, brackets, bars.
  • Rainstorm Dry Fog System Installation & Commissioning
  • 12 month warranty with Rainstorm Installation on Fog Systems pump and motors. Consumables also fitted in Units including a range of filters and custom parts.
  • Discuss your project with Rainstorm. Request a Quotation/ System Specifications.

Fine Spray High Pressure. High Performance

  • Rainstorm Fog Systems have extremely efficient use of water with fine spray systems to control dust with suppression of ultra fine airborne dust particles
  • RDC80 Fine Spray High Pressure Systems match water droplet size to dust molecule size
  • Capital effective efficient dust suppression systems. Minimum lead time.
  • Rainstorm Installation & Commissioning Service. System automated / manual control options.

Crushers. Plant Circuits. Ship Loading Transfer Points

  • Mount on crusher and plant circuits and ship loading transfer points, with fogging air close to dust generation points.
  • The mist in the air effectively attaches to dust particles increasing the molecular weight and causing the dust to drop.
  • Rainstorm systems enable fog zones to be directly next to generation points, preventing dust from escaping to transfer points.

Rainstorm Design. Install. Calibrate. Commission.

Rainstorm’s Fog Systems minimise water usage for maximum dust control. Rainstorm control water use to capture dust with high pressure systems replacing water deluge systems. More water does not equate to better dust control. Water deluge systems can leave a dust problem.

Rainstorm’s Dry Fog Systems match water droplet size to ore dust particle size to drop dust. RDC engineer-out dust issues through high pressure fine spray fog systems. Rainstorm provide high quality design, installation, commissioning and client service.