Rainstorm Mining Application Services

Mine Site. Port. Rehabilitation.

Rainstorm have long held the view that specialist application is equally important as our custom product range. Our team has over 30 years experience in the delivery of on site services for dust control delivery. We offer batching and tank farm systems, specialist on and off road rigs, installation and commissioning for our Dry Fog Systems. Full service delivery is our strength. We warranty our product performance.

Working at remote mine locations

There is no substitute for experience on the job. The Rainstorm team have been working at isolated sites and remote mine locations, and are a highly qualified mine site operations crew.

Design. Build. Install. Deliver. Warranty.

Rainstorm design, build, and install batching systems and dry fog systems. We have a fleet of specialist application rigs and aerial systems. We provide full application services or provide onsite supervisors to work alongside local contractors for delivery. Furthermore, we are happy to assist with onsite application procedures for site teams to handle dust control delivery.

Our Crews: Australia and International

We have a very experienced team of operators and a full range of equipment and custom product to suit every project. Rainstorm crew’s work across Australia and we have International teams who deliver professional dust control products and delivery services.