Rainstorm Coating Services is a specialised coatings division for Rainstorm. We offer tailored solutions for coating and corrosion problems in Marine and Mining.

Tailored systems allow us to provide long term solutions for the most severe exposures.

We offer in house services for parts in our Maddington workshops, and field the contractor recourses, for site services.

Rainstorm has evolved to solve erosion and maintenance issues for surfaces in hostile environments and innovate new ideas, for use combining, chemical and industry knowledge for since 1988.

Haul Road Reflective Paint

Rainstorm custom deigned haul road application, for reflective paint to be applied to mark Haul roads , open pit and underground.

Reflective white windrow markings provide clear and visual edges to roads and provide flexibility to mark hazards with easy to recognise code strips.

Washable surface, long lasting.

Techplast Antiscale Coatings

Techplast scale reducing coating range specifically for use in Alumina Refineries and high temperature abrasive environments . The coating when applied to surfaces substantially reduces the adherence of scale and in most cases prevents scale from building up, in other cases the coated surface greatly increases the ease of which scale removal can take place.

Techplast 502

Applications up to 115 degrees Celsius and is unaffected by all concentrations of caustic liquors and periodic caustic washing.

This entire product range has an extremely low “Surface Free Energy” with results in the applied coating resisting the adherence of scale and being inert in caustic liquors.

Long lasting in extreme environments.


  • Thickener Tanks
  • Washer Tanks
  • Pipeline Spools/Manifolds
  • Precipitation Tanks
  • Sand Classifiers
  • Feed Wells
  • Launders Cyclones
  • Flash Tanks
  • Digesters
  • Slurry Tanks
  • Rakes