Mining Industry Services

Pit to Port: Product. Application Services. Reporting

Rainstorm is an ISO9002 service provider to Major Mining clients in all Australian States for dust control: Pit to Port. Rainstorm haul product to sites across the Territory and Western Australia, VIC, SA & NSW for bulk supply and freight IBCs. Rainstorm’s Operators are highly skilled and mining experienced operating Rainstorm Specialist Application Rigs and working with on-site contractors and site equipment.

Batching & Tank Farm Systems

Rainstorm have standardised batching and tank farm systems, and provide product application procedures to meet site requirements. Rainstorm understand the operational demands in mining, and are committed to service follow through for supply, application and meeting project / corporate reporting requirements.

The Clear Choice: Safety. Cost Savings. Environment.

From roads, stockpiles and conveyors to railways, plants and warehouses, our locally manufactured dust suppression products are designed to increase efficiency, reduce hazards and make all processes simpler, cleaner, safer, more cost-efficient in an environmentally responsible manner. Rainstorm are committed to excellent client service.

Rainstorm Tackle Dust Utilising:

  • Dustmag™: Dust Control for Unsealed Roads & Open Areas: No Watering for months.
  • Polymag: Road Stabilising Surface & Blending & Compaction.
  • Gluon™: Veneering for Stockpiles, Open Areas, Site Rehabilitation-seeding, Water Erosion Control, Rail Car Veneering.
  • Dry Fogging Systems: Standard Units for Materials Handling, or custom spec.
  • PDX™: Ore Conditioning for reduced Dust Extinction Moisture, Improved flow / increased export volume.
  • Hydroseeding: Site rehabilitation & seed mix applications for open areas utilising a native/ site-specific seed blends. Commonly used in the Pilbara.
  • Tank Farm Systems: Application batching and spray equipment, to apply products via contractor services or automation.
  • Specialised Application Procedures & Corporate Reporting

Rainstorm Contractor Services: Team of very experienced mining qualified operators for Dustmag™ & Gluon™ Veneering & PDX™ Batching Services, Fleet of on & off road vehicles; Installation and commissioning for Tank Farm Systems large and small, Dry Fog Systems and Rail Car Veneering systems.